Ueno Park is a popular public park in the Ueno district of Taitō, Tokyo, Japan. It was shown in Act 3 of Pretty Soldier Sailor Stellar.


Ueno Park was built on a hill close to Ueno Station commonly known as “Ueno Mountain.” Since it opened in May 1876 as the first park in Japan, it has developed as the centre for celebrating culture and the arts. Today it has become a location unrivaled throughout the world with countless precious cultural facilities gathered in the park, such as art and science museums, a zoo, and art universities. 

During the second world war, Ueno fell victim to the heavy atmosphere present during the time. First, with the coming of air raids on Japan in 1943, the elephants, lions, tigers, bears, and leopards of Ueno Zoo were put to death in accordance with the order given to euthanize them. During the war, Ueno Park also became the headquarters of the First Antiaircraft Division, and Shinobazu Pond was converted to a series of rice paddies. Thus, culture and scenery were also lost to the war in addition to lives. Later, during the Bombing of Tokyo, many victims and refugees evacuated to the air-raid shelters and empty spaces in the park.

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